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Business owners often find themselves in a financing predicament. As a business owner myself, I know how hard we try to maximize our income by taking advantage of as many write offs as possible. But doing so affects our net income, which, in turn, drastically reduces our chances of getting pre-approved for a bank loan. But the Bank Statement Loan program, which we will be discussing in this video, should put your mind at ease.

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Whitney Sengthao, Augusta Financial’s loan officer. She has helped many of my business owner clients who, despite earning a sufficient monthly income, find it difficult to get approved for a loan. The Bank Statement Loan Program is a great alternative for business owners to get pre-approved for financing. Whether it’s for your dream home or next investment property, this bank loan program takes you one step closer to achieving your goal.

Feel free to watch the complete interview with Whitney or use the timestamps below to browse through the topics that you find interesting:

0:00 — Introduction

1:00 — The Bank Statement Loan Program

1:43 — Who can qualify, and how does it work?

2:17 — How the program benefits business owners

3:24 — How to get pre-approved in advance

3:45 — Why you need a CPA letter

4:38 — Primary homes and investment properties

5:28 — Tips for smooth loan application

7:08 — How to contact Whitney

7:28 — Wrapping up

If you want to take proactive steps toward buying your dream home or potentially lucrative investment property, give me a call or send me an email. I’ll be glad to walk you through the ins and outs of real estate investing and help you reach your goals.