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For today, we will talk about the cost of credit repair and how to choose a credit repair company with Jessie Balantac. Let’s dive deeper into the different factors that affect the cost of credit repair, such as the complexities of different credit situations, and the experience of the credit repair company.

If you are interested in learning more about it, you can watch the full discussion or use the timestamps below to get to a specific topic of interest:

0:00 —- Introduction of the topic: credit repair with Jessie Balantac

0:25 — What are the things that increase the price of a certain credit repair?

3:43 — Highlighting the opportunity cost of waiting seven years to fix credit

4:17 — Benefits of fixing credit quickly and not feeling like a victim to your credit score

6:58 — The importance of choosing a professional who prioritizes the client’s success

5:53 — Navigating the market today compared to previous years

9:33 — Free resources for credit repair and concerns about the cost of fixing credit

11:07 — Best ways to navigate credit repair for people with no credit history or new Social Security number

14:18 — Training announcement for credit tactics

14:42 — Contact information of Andrew Hart

15:42 — Closing remarks

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